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The Space Time Travelers are an Atlanta-based trio that’s main goal is to take their listeners on a cosmic journey to places they’ve never been before. Though STT was born out of Atlanta’s strong blues scene, they are unwilling to be pinned down to a single genre or sound. It’s not unusual to hear STT jump from funk to alternative rock to improvisational jam and more in a single song without missing a beat.

STT’s high energy live shows have been a regular presence in Athens, Atlanta and other cities across the southeast with every set designed to get the audience moving and to challenge their perception of what it means to jam. Though their sound places an emphasis on letting go and having fun, their music has a precise and inspiring spirit that’s gained them a lot of local acclaim. They’ve won a series of battle of bands competitions across the region and gained praise and respect from the owner of nearly every venue they’ve ever played.

Though the band has had a few members come and go across the course of their interstellar odyssey, the current core group consists of Austin Green on guitar/vocals, Ian Mastrogiacomo on bass/vocals and Zack Falls on drums. Their strong improv chemistry is anchored by Green and Mastrogiacomo’s powerful vocals that call to mind the likes of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder. It’s their voices and shared songwriting efforts that are perhaps the most defining aspect of STT and serve as the emotional core of the band’s sound and vibe.